IT Partner proud to be Microsoft Gold Partner since 2006. We have years of experience deploying and implementing Microsoft solutions as a Microsoft Gold Partner. We work hand in hand with Microsoft to provide our clients with the most up-to-date technology solutions that drive innovation, productivity, and increased revenue. In 2011 we were one of the first users of Office 365 and also among the first to offer this platform to build an effective IT- infrastructure of its customers . As Microsoft Gold Partner, one of the first Cloud Accelerate Partner and expert in Office 365 , our company is an award-winning Microsoft Solution Provider and premier partner.

We focus on the following:

  • • Provide custom Microsoft solutions in the following areas: Office 365, Azure, SharePoint, Skype for Business (Formerly Lync), Dynamics CRM, Exchange, Hyper V.
  • • Provide managed IT services.

IT Partner has always focused on building long-term and productive relationships with customers. We strive to develop strong, long-term partnerships with our clients and to be a technology expert that you can trust.

Before invention of printing press by Gutenberg a book was more a luxury than a means of transmitting information. The same is with cloud technology. Before appearance of Microsoft Office 365 and Azure small and medium businesses couldn’t afford such a set of necessary IT-services with an uncompromising level of reliability and security. It is important for IT Partner to bring technologies into its customers’ business, to make it more competitive and efficient.

You can not sell something that you do not use yourself, so we quickly migrated to Office 365 and began to show our own infrastructure, the way we work every day. Our company has become an example of a new approach to work organization. Mobile devices, remote work, efficiency and productivity at every stage. We have carried out and continue to carry out hundreds of demonstrations of Office 365 with Skype for Business. We are the most important example for the client.

By focusing on long-term relationships, we offer our customers an excellent approach which is different from other companies. Above all, we believe that our experience will enable us to use cloud technology as productively as possible. We are ready to provide the client with a large number of scenarios where cloud services can be used and share our secrets for their implementation.