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We are interested in advanced technology, we are interested in your business, we are interested in you.
$ 0 + Office 365 plan of your choice
  • Interview and needs assessment
  • Office 365 tenant setup
  • License provisioning

A bare minimum to start with Office 365.

$ 199 + Office 365 plan of your choice
  • Minimal, plus:
  • Plan enrollment
  • License assignment
  • Adding and verifying 1 custom domain
  • User creation
  • Basic orientation and support

Good if you just want the services provisioned with some basic guidance. And you don’t need email or document migration.

$ 1199 + Office 365 plan of your choice
  • Balanced, plus
  • File migration from File Server to OneDrive for Business
  • Extended support during the early days to help you get settled
  • Configuration of Office, Skype for Business, and Outlook on your PC and mobile devices
  • Onboarding web page with instructions customized to your business needs
  • Optional installation and configuration of AD Connect is included

Good if you want email and document migration plus some advanced services and support. Also includes integration with your on-premises Active Directory.

Cloud Office based on Microsoft Office 365

What does business need today?

… zero downtime is required.

…wants to connect and easily communicate with customers and partners.

…wants to start using the cloud to succeed and save money along the way.

…needs anywhere and anytime access to files and business tools to serve customers and stay competitive.

…needs modern solutions that help collaborate and get work done more efficiently.

…needs to stay connected no matter what.

…needs to know that company is protected from viruses, malware, theft, etc.

Office 365 is the right choice for your business.

Expand your business, not your budget!

As your business changes, so does Office 365, helping you quickly adapt and grow without the additional hassle or high costs of traditional infrastructure and software.

  • Limited IT budgets
  • Scale services and tools quickly as your business needs shift – without the hassle and cost of new servers and software
  • Take advantage of the latest innovation, features, and capabilities, with updates released every month
  • Install the full Office desktop apps on up to 5 PCs/Macs and 5 mobile devices

Connect to your office from anywhere!

Don’t let distance impact your work. With Office 365 you can connect with just a few simple clicks and share in real-time to work together online and off.

  • Utilize a complete web-based solution that includes Office and Outlook
  • Quickly access, manage and edit all your documents online
  • Join meetings with one click from your preferred mobile device
  • View the presenter's shared screen or PowerPoint slides
  • Communicate with clear audio and HD video

Work together anywhere!

Office 365 redefines how teams work. With remote collaboration tools and innovative communication features, you can keep moving forward even when you’re far apart.

  • Co-author documents and quickly collaborate with others in Office desktop and web-based apps
  • Quickly set up or join meetings from any device
  • Check calendars and schedule Skype for business meetings in a few clicks through Outlook
  • Stay current by instantly viewing contacts’ online statuses
  • Connect employees with Yammer and familiar social experiences

Secure and protect your data!

Office 365 offers leading protection against spamware and malware. Office 365 provides deep, multi-level security through encryption, authentication, and data privacy rules.

  • Protect against 100% of known viruses with built-in anti-malware
  • Combat data loss from your devices with remote data removal and encryption
  • Customize security by user, device, and location
  • Enable passcode requirements
  • Meet requirements specified in ISO27001, EU Model Clauses, HIPAA BAA, and FISMA

Keep your business moving forward!

Don’t let downtime slow you down.

  • Gain peace of mind with a financially backed 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Rely on a 24/7 support system for business critical issues
  • Mitigate risk with continuous data backup in globally-distributed data centers
  • Get your business back online quickly from the unexpected

Our Services

You can not sell something that you do not use yourself, so we quickly migrated to Office 365 and began to show our own infrastructure, the way we work every day. Our company has become an example of a new approach to work organization. Mobile devices, remote work, efficiency and productivity at every stage. We are the most important example for the client.


Management and employees will get an insight into Microsoft Cloud technologies and performance of Office 365 services, will understand the capabilities of Office 365 services and its usefulness for company’s business processes. The customer will get the recommendation on an optimal plan taking into account current company’s needs and new opportunities and competitive advantages working in Office 365.


A customer gets a unique migration plan, which corresponds to the specific character of organization’s internal and external processes with addition of all possible advantages of Office 365 as a platform for IT-services. A customer will determine definite and measurable priorities of IT-services in business-processes of a company and will get an image of Office 365 competitive advantages in view of business conditions.

Pilot project

A company has an opportunity to estimate the quality and effectiveness of Microsoft Cloud technologies in business processes with minimum expenses and for the shortest time. A customer will reduce risks of further implementation and will get the idea about further steps of implementation and migration to Office 365.

Help in migration to Office 365

Customer’s IT department will perform migration for the shortest period of time with the help of IT Partner’s experience, will be guaranteed support of qualified specialists with the possibility to escalate problems and unusual situations to Microsoft. Moreover, such variant of migration will reduce the probability of technical specialist’s mistake, and cooperation with IT Partner’s certified engineers will help to obtain necessary knowledge and skills for further exploitation.

Migration by IT Partner’s engineers

In the shortest period, a customer will get a fully configured IT solution, ready for efficient work of a company. It is important to note that all integrated technologies function on Microsoft servers and are maintained by Microsoft engineers.

Full integrated migration with further training

The customer’s business will get a completely ready solution with focus on the processes and colleagues. All the employees will quickly adapt to new opportunities, provided by Office 365 and will start using its advantages in their daily work.

User technical support Office 365

The customer’s employees will get the possibility to use all the necessary for business processes technologies and services of high quality and will stop worrying about its configuration and functioning. All problems are solved by IT Partner’s specialists or are escalated to Microsoft, which guarantees uninterrupted Office 365 service. Due to this, business gets the necessary reliability and uninterrupted operation of IT services.